Creating Cocktails 101 - January 26th or 28th

*The January 28th class is now SOLD OUT and limited tickets remain for January 26th, reserve your spot soon! Read below for details on what this class covers.*

To make the best cocktails, you need to learn from the best: Jonathan Stanyard, AKA The Bitter Gringo, AKA our last Co-Authored Gin cocktail competition winner and gin collaborator. He's won multiple national and global cocktail competitions and we can guarantee you'll love everything he makes.

Join us for 2 hours of priceless knowledge and hospitality. You'll be learning how to make 3 different types of cocktails and this will be hands-on* as well, not just watching. Learn about different tools at your disposal, flavor creation, presentation etc. 

Here is what this specific class is covering:

1) The essential elements of all cocktails and how they work together to create balance.
2) Tools of the trade and how to use them.
3) Proper mixing techniques depending on a drink’s ingredients.
4) The main styles of cocktails to use as derivation points for signature recipes:

Old Fashioned
Punch (Collins, Rickey, Tiki, etc.)
Sour, Daisy, etc.

5) Common methods for inspiring cocktails:

Mr. Potato Head
Food Pairing-driven

Three Cocktails to be made. Hands-on is voluntary.


Small bites will be provided, and any bottles of our spirits purchased at the end of the event will be 20% off! You'll also receive copies of the recipes that you made so you can be the hero of your next spirited gathering.

Snag your spots soon as space is very limited.  $69.95/person.

For more info (and amazing cocktail pictures and recipes) check him out here: