The 'Bold Mixologist' Book Set

Makes a great gift for any spirits aficionado in your life!

We've curated a selection of our gins to pair with our newly offered books for sale. Our 'Bold Mixologist' set includes our assertive Navy Strength Gin paired with the Gin Made Me Do It cocktail recipe book.

Our Chapter One Navy Strength Gin is designed for cocktails (also lighting cannon powder, but that's another story), so pairing it with this wonderful British cocktail book was just the ticket. There are a few recipes in there that specifically call for a navy strength gin, but anything that is citrus-heavy will work just as well given our botanical bill. This is probably your best bet as a gift for 'that person' who thinks they've mastered all of the gins in the world. You just might be their new best friend after sending this their way!


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