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Ever wonder what it would be like to start and run a small distillery? AJ Temple, award-winning gin distiller and family man, brings readers into his distillery and home life to explore what it takes to create a successful distillery. So, Why Gin? covers everything from business planning to a day in the life of a distiller, and attempts to answer the question AJ so often asked: 'So, why gin?'

AJ's mission is to convince the world that gin is not a four letter word, and if you say you don't like gin, you probably just haven't found the right one yet. It's a spirit with a sordid past, surrounded by misconceptions about just what gin is.

AJ and his wife Jamie are a husband and wife team who, with their two young children at their sides, have grown Temple Distilling in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. In just three years their gins have won over twenty awards and have gained international attention.

Published by White Mule Press. 94 Pages. ISBN 1732235422.

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