Our Founders

Head distiller AJ Temple and his wife Jamie oversee each bottle that leaves the distillery and truly hold a passion for local business and the American dream. Both were born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and while their roots remain there to grow, ambition and the start of a legacy holds sway over their story.

Every bottle is made in Lynnwood, Washington by hand in small batches. Botanicals and ingredients are sourced from all over the world, ensuring only the best are used in each distillation and consequently in your glass.

AJ began his passion for flavor around the age of 5 when he opened his first cookbook. That love translated into the spirits world later on, and he is still mastering culinary endeavors at home when not making gin. And yes, even using it to cook on occasion. AJ and his wife have two young sons who are often running around the distillery with them, and this is their full time profession, not just a hobby. Both are patiently awaiting the boys to reach the age to handle peeling lemons!

Why the literary theme? Besides the juxtaposition of the genres of spirits and writing and the “flavors” each author lends to their work, the Temples love reading. It is at times a dying pastime in the age of smartphones and on-demand TV and it is amazing how re-centered you can become with some quality time reading a good book. A top shelf martini also aids quite nicely in this picture.

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