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A local collaboration with Visible Coffee Roasters, our newest Co-Authored Gin is distilled using freshly roasted Ethiopian coffee beans alongside black and green cardamom, cloves, juniper, and orange peel. The espresso notes are pure and vibrant, a result of careful testing and development to only capture the best oils during distillation. The coffee flavor is carried by notes of Turkish coffee and baking spices with subtle, soft juniper to round out the finish.

The complexity in this gin doesn't take a lot to access. While it's fantastic in a Negroni or other bittersweet cocktails, our favorite is an espresso martini. Simply add a splash of Lillet Blanc and simple syrup and you'll be enjoying a clear, flavorful expression of that drink so many of us know and love. We should also add - only a 'microdose' of caffeine is present, we had it lab tested to make sure, although we won't judge if you decide to play around with cold brew cocktails to bring that back into play!

Released Dec 2023

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