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750ml 90 Proof/45% ABV

The Woodcut printing technique dates back centuries and involves carving wood to then imprint images or text onto something else. Hand selected used whiskey barrels are our wood of choice, influencing our award winning Navy Strength gin over a half-year period of cohabitation. What comes out of the barrel is a refined spirit; rich and complex with a smooth botanical finish.

The warmth and spices from the bourbon fall in love with the bright and complex gin, and they live happily ever after.


We source our barrels locally, days after they have been emptied ensuring maximum flavor. Once we are finished they are passed along to local breweries, continuing the path of local flavor development. What to do with a barrel finished gin?

When used in a Negroni the words 'umami' have been uttered more than a few times, and stirring up an Old Fashioned becomes not so old fashioned anymore.

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