Do you have what it takes to craft an unforgettable gin cocktail?

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James Wolf (Vol. 1)

Our first collaboration was a huge success and a great indicator of things to come! Japanese flavors dominated the palate from the fresh shiso leaf and ume flower tea, this gin pairs great with sake and vermouth. Delicate, but wonderfully unique. The palate is soft with a delicate backbone of spice from the caraway and fennel to balance the earthy brightness of the shiso.

Jonathan Stanyard (Vol. 2)

Jonathan developed a gin with us that is complex beyond measure, incorporating fresh curry leaves, lemongrass, nutmeg, pink peppercorn, and eucalyptus into the distillation process. We then added a touch of saffron at the end, lending a luxurious mouthfeel and long finish. Bottled at 94 proof, the tasting notes are too complex to write on paper. You've got a tart, brightness from the lemongrass with a dusty, earthy flavor from the nutmeg. The curry leaves leave you tasting exotic spices but without the heat you'd expect to go with it.

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