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*May 2024 - 750ml is out of stock but will be back in stock early June 2024*

750ml 60 Proof/30% ABV

The story gets sweeter and the work for the writer gets harder as we hand peel every lemon that goes in. Sometimes the best part about a good ending is a twist; we use gin as the base for this traditional yet vibrant liqueur.

The citrus forward nature of the gin helps bolster the mouth-coating fresh lemon upon first sip and the juniper remains soft and muted at 60 proof, leaving a balanced and surprisingly classic, full taste.

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When you cherish a book that will likely be read over many times, using a bookmark is the way to go. When your story gets busy or you've reached a perfect stopping point, why not pause and sip on something that conveys that sense of peace?

We blend tradition with artistry, starting with our Navy Strength gin as a base for the Limoncello. We then hand peel every organic lemon that goes in and use pure cane sugar for sweetening. That's it, no artificial anything, just like it's made in family homes across Italy and the rest of the world.

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