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The perfect gift for the gin connoisseur, this gift set includes a bottle of our award winning dry gin, two custom etched Spanish globe-style G&T glasses, a 4-pack of Fever Tree tonic (tailored to the gin choice), and a tin of the very same Italian Juniper berries we use to make the gin, taken directly from our botanical storage.

The London Dry pairs perfectly with Fever Tree Indian Tonic and is an ideal match for those that seek properly juniper-forward style gins. This is old world at it's best, our most versatile gin (and our most awarded).

The custom glasses are laser engraved, so unlike other glasses that have printed logos and then subsequently wash off after a trip in the dishwasher, these will stay the same forever. The glass is thick enough to withstand ice being tossed in, and if you haven't enjoyed a gin and tonic like you get overseas, this is such a great way to do it. Simply fill the glass with ice, pour in gin followed by tonic, and garnish with an endless array of options. We included the juniper since we love the fresh flavor contrasted with the distilled oils of juniper playing off of each other, and the fresh juniper is not so overpowering as to take over the drink completely.

Other great garnish ideas include fresh rosemary, citrus peels, hibiscus, fruit, peppercorns, cucumber etc.

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